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Why Choose Tots 'n' Teens?

Don’t take your child straight to the emergency room! For minor injuries and illnesses, bring your son or daughter to Tots ‘N’ Teens Pediatric Urgent Care instead. Here are a few reasons why:

Our doctors and nurses know and LOVE kids. At Tots ‘N’ Teens in San Antonio, you can get the same type of care you expect from your regular pediatrician because our doctors are also board-certified pediatricians, not general emergency room doctors.

No crazy trauma here. Not only do our services cost less than the ER, but you’ll also avoid exposing your child to the chaotic trauma scene of a hospital by coming here first.

Save money. Our urgent care services cost less than a trip to the ER. Always.

Quick in-and-out service. Wait times at Tots ‘N’ Teens are minimal, and you can even register online and fill out forms before your visit. This will save time, get you in front of the doctor sooner, and get you back home sooner, so your child will feel better in no time.

It’s personal. Think of us as an extension of your pediatrician’s office. We will communicate with them to ensure the best possible follow-up care for your child. We will make every effort to address the needs of you and your child as if you were family. Your experience here will be nothing like an emergency room visit in any way. And that’s our goal.

Come to Tots ‘N’ Teens Pediatric Urgent Care in San Antonio, Texas. You’ll be glad you did. Not sure if your child needs urgent care? Check out our resources for parents. On your way? Use our online check-in tool now!